TTFE-L Review

From the highs of last day season promotion to the lows of 2 losses on the trot TTFE battle on. Our season in division 4 has yet get on track and TTFE are suffering from a lack of able body players. This Sunday saw a heavy defeat, losing 7-1 to Shipmen AFC, a team who I believe TTFE have beaten on all previous meetings. Despite losing 2 on the bounce I have personally found the games enjoyable. It’s difficult to see where our wins are going to come from this season, especially when we seem to have only 5 players. It’s difficult to explain the mood with the team at the moment. We held our own for so long in Division 3, but from memory every game was pretty much a real battle; our personal has also changed since those days, with me become more regular and us generally having less than a ‘regular’ turnout from others. Perhaps we will survive in division 4, after only 2 games it’s difficult to call; I don’t think any of us are worried about making another trip to division 5.

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