October Update

Well October nearly came and went without a blog, I couldn’t let that happen! October for me is normally busy and this year is no different as I get heavily involved in financial reporting (its work I hate, but keeps me busy and the days go by really quickly)

October makes a lot of people depressed; I figure it’s the dark nights, abysmal weather and cold. In the last few days I’ve noticed it get notably colder and it feels like a long time since I’ve been this cold. I’m on countdown until December when I Jet off to go on honeymoon (I’m rather proud of the fact that I have 3 days of work in December and then I don’t come back until January)

I am somewhat disappointed that I won’t be going back to Berlin this year, that was a really enjoyable break and I cannot believe that I went almost a year ago, with the wedding and everything this year time has just flown by.

Preparations have begun for this year’s TTFE Christmas celebration and awards ceremony; yet again I am shooting off on Holiday the following day... these things need to be planned better ;)