Canoe Day

Myself and Laura were invited along to “Canoe Day” the trip involved canoeing from Ross-on-wye all the way down to Symonds Yat. It was the first time I’ve been canoeing and it was an enjoyable experience. The 14 mile (approximately) trip did take a staggering amount of time (6 hours or so) the guide did say with 1 stop for lunch it would normally take 4 hours. Not sure Maddy enjoyed the whole boating experience, while the life jacket we bought her might have been a little bit over the top I still think it was worthwhile as it restricts her fidgeting in the back of the car and also has a convenient “grab handle” on the top of it, which made getting her in the canoe a breeze, I’d also still urge on the side of caution around water flash flooding is called flash flooding for a reason. Costs around £20 per person (£40 per canoe) to hire one and is very good value for the money.

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