So I dipped my toe into web development as a favor for a friend and it feels like I've been bitten through no real fault of my own. While the site design isn't necessarily what I would have chosen or gone with its was exactly what he wanted and it seems to work quite well. 

He wanted to put the site live and asked for my opinion on web hosting. Domain.com have been recommended by various online communities I visit for the last 4 or 5 years, they also have a pretty good ethical stance (they seem like saints compared to my regular hosting provider... GoDaddy) anyway despite good promotional offers and Domain.com are crap, hosted applications (phpBB, WordPress etc) are very very slow, and their customer service is no existent. It takes 3-4 days before someone even looks at any tickets you submit, they'll then comment and provide information unrelated to your actual problem, claim your issue has been fixed and then close the ticket so you have no chance of providing feedback OR confirming that the actual issue has been resolved. Its one big JOKE! We'll be waiting for the hosting to come up for renewal and then migrate away.

GoDaddy.com > Domain.com

Video File Conversion

It seems that a lot of video files these days are avi. This is a little annoying as the HP Touchpad doesn’t natively support avi files so I have to convert all my videos to mp4. I have used various converts in the past and had mixed results. Recently I found a great bit of open source software that works very well.
Check out http://handbrake.fr/ for all your video converting needs

Lack of posts

A little while ago I merged a number of my email accounts together, as a result a few of my Google usernames / accounts got folded into one single account. So I ended locking myself out of my blogger account until recently. I went to post something a few months ago and realised I couldn’t login, I didn’t have the time to investigate but as you can see I am now able to login.