Follow Up: Exchange / Outlook Nickname (NK2) contacts syncing to iPhone

OK, so in my last blog posted I talked about an annoying problem with setting up contacts with the iPhone and Exchange 2010 and while the work around I posted hid a lot of unnecessary contacts they are still actually on the device. This causes a problem for a lot of my mobile users as a number of them sync their contacts via blue tooth with their in car systems.

The first time I had one of them do this they reported that they had 1000+ contacts listed on their in car system.

A previous work around I had used for the BlackBerry was to move all the contacts to a secondary address book and then have them store only telephone numbers in their main 'Contacts' address book within Outlook. On the iPhone this doesn't work.

So here's how I solved this problem (or at least this is my work around)

Within Outlook export all the contacts from the address book to a CSV file.

Go to GMail and import the CSV

From GMail export the contacts to a vCard format.

Go to iCloud and import the vCard

Now setup your iPhone to only sync contacts from iCloud and not Exchange.

Seems a little messy really, Apple should really come up with a fix for this, as when my users add new contacts they will need to do it via the device/iCloud and then also in Outlook.