Ray Rice

Ravens nation is recoiling after seeing the video footage of Ray Rice assaulting his fiancĂ© in an elevator in Atlantic City. It’s no surprises that the Ravens have quickly moved to released Ray Rice.

When news of the incident first broke I was very disappointed in Ray Rice, a model and upstanding player. When I heard that that he wasn’t going to be prosecuted by the law any further and had entered into counselling I was pleased for him. I am not condoning his actions but accept that people make mistakes and the only people who really matter in all of this is Ray Rice and his Wife (then fiancĂ©) those two people are the only ones who truly know what went on that day we can all look at that isolated video (which taken on its own is brutal and disgusting) but what lead up to it, did that all escalate within 2 minutes? Looking at the video Ray is clearly at fault and is clearly the aggravator.

While I was shocked and wanted to distance myself (and my team) from this kind of violence I appreciated that level heads needed to be kept, the player and the team would come under immense scrutiny, but we need to stand by this young man and give him the opportunity to right his wrongs.

The problem is it’s very difficult to support someone when their version of events is so different from that which is presented in the video. How can you claim that she was the aggressor when you’ve spat at her twice? How can you claim that it was a drunken scuffle when the video evidence clearly shows you using excessive force to strike her?

I am deeply sadden that he has gone, but was the correct moral thing to do. Until that video surfaced Ray Rice had my full support.
Will the NFL ever see Ray Rice again?



I've always been an avid gamer but over the years my group of gamer friends was whittled down; I’ve also found my time was more constrained. I fell out of the Warhammer scene and was lured to Magic the Gathering, the fantasy card world was so colourful and vivid. I still love to play MtG occasionally, I’ve flirted with MtGO but there’s nothing quite like owning and playing with physical cards, alas the Magic scene moves on far too quickly for me as a casual player to collect and stay competitive.

I’ve been watching a lot of TableTop recently, a YouTube show hosted by Wil Wheaton (that guy has actually grown on me a lot) My gaming curiosity was also recently perked when I attended a good friends birthday party where we played Cards Against Humanity what an evil little game that is, side splittingly funny but not something to play with your mum.  

So I’ve taken the plunge back into gaming, my collection at the moment is small, but I’m hoping to add to it overtime. I’ve been playing a lot of Ticket to RideEurope which is a game both my wife and I love. We’ve also purchased Tsuro, which is also fun and quick. We’re waiting to have some friends over so that we can play Betrayal at House on the Hill , but it looks like a real blast.


Blog being moved

I've taken the decision to move a large number of my blog posts from this blog to a new blog under a different domain name.

I'll try and keep this blog going but I doubt there will be many updates. For my latest blogs you'll need to head over to http:///www.1it.guru  in case DNS hasn't propogated or I've forgot or messed up the settings you can access it directly at http://1itgurublog.blogspot.com


GoDaddy PHPMailer Relay problems

This has been very frustrating, if you search for GoDaddy and PHPMailer you'll find loads of posts about how PHPMailer needs to be configured in order to work with GoDaddy's hosting.

I tried using some of the configuration information I found online but I wasn’t having any luck. I kept getting “Error: The following From address failed:” despite trying several different addresses (including valid addresses that I had setup on GoDaddy’s cPanel)

I finally came across Aravind is Online blog which nudged me in the right direction (http://aravindisonline.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/phpmailer-with-godaddy-smtp-email.html)

For completeness.
You cannot use an external host to relay email messages. You must use the following host: relay-hosting.secureserver.net  

I setup a mail user specifically for PHPMailer (I am hosting a subdomain so all my email services are elsewhere)

Use PORT 25 (numerous guides suggest 465)

Set SMTP Auth to true, Aravind’s guide suggests to set this to false, however this didn’t work for me.


US / UK Date format reverse in Excel

This problem has been bugging me for 3 days now; I am retrieving a date time from SQL. I have verified that the date is in my required format dd-mm-yy, and I have tried a few different ways of selecting the date just to be sure DATEPART(day, fieldname) , DATEPART(month, fieldname), I have even tried dd-MMM-yy.

If I display the date on a form or in a messagebox it displays fine, the moment I put the date value into an Excel cell it flips the day and month around. Originally I was going to work around the issue by prefixing all my dates with a single quote ‘ so that Excel treats them as being strings, however the end user wants to sort on some of the date values and it won’t work quite right as a string.

After banging my head against the wall for 3 days I finally came across the DateValue(date) function! Figured I’d share the solution to this frustrating little problem.


Excel 2010 .xlsm File hangs when opening

I've been writing some VBA macros to improve an Excel workbooks functionality. I was modifying a Sub Routine and just in case I made a mistake and need to revert back to it I made a copy and appended _backup to its name. As it happens I decided I preferred the original way the sub routine worked so I restored it (deleted the original routine) and then renamed the _backup. Turns out I had accidentally copied the routine twice (VBA didn't warn me of this). Thinking everything was fine I saved and closed my workbook, when I came back to it a few hours later I was unable to open it, Excel 2010 just sat at 100% without allow me into the workbook.

I found a few suggestions online to fix this and none worked, so here's what I did to get mine working.

Change the extension of the file from .xlsm to .xls and then open the file. I got prompted that there was a file type mismatch (or something similar) and it also gave me a complication error, something along the lines of problem with sub routine. As soon as I saw the sub routine error I knew where my coding problem was, corrected it and then saved the file back as .xlsm.

I hope this helps someone out, had me in a panic for a few moments.


Excel cannot complete this task with avaliable resources.

If You've ever come across the above error when trying to open an Excel workbook ("Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications") then you can resolve it by increasing its priority in Windows.
With Excel still running, open task manager and locate the Excel.exe process, right click on it and navigate to priority, normally it should be set to normal, if you increase this to "Above Normal" you should be able to open your problematic workbook. I am not sure of the underlying cause of this and I've only seen this problem when running Excel 2010, it is defiantly not a hardware/resource issue.



Every so often I like to revisit this blog and review my previous posts. It seems crazy that I set this up 5 years ago yet I can recall vividly almost every post when I read it.

I think the aim this year has to be to post more than I did last year (4) and I think I am off to a good start, including this post I will have posted twice this year already, perhaps I had better pace myself.

My blogging activity forms quite a nice pyramid

2014 (1)
2013 (4)
2012 (8)
2011 (16)
2010 (43)
2009 (51)


Outlook 2010 - Finding a misfiled email

Every so often I get a phone about finding lost or misfiled emails. Normally the user has accidentally dragged the email to a folder and misfiled it.

Luckily the search facility in Outlook 2010 is pretty good.

Click on your Inbox and then into the "Search Inbox" field. The toolbar at the top of the screen should now display some search options, the default is to search "Current Folder", change this to "All Subfolders"

99% of the time this will find the email I am looking for. Sometimes the user will want to know what folder the email was misfiled in, simply double click on the email and then click on the File tab. Under the "Move to Folder" option it should display "Current Folder: "