Excel cannot complete this task with avaliable resources.

If You've ever come across the above error when trying to open an Excel workbook ("Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications") then you can resolve it by increasing its priority in Windows.
With Excel still running, open task manager and locate the Excel.exe process, right click on it and navigate to priority, normally it should be set to normal, if you increase this to "Above Normal" you should be able to open your problematic workbook. I am not sure of the underlying cause of this and I've only seen this problem when running Excel 2010, it is defiantly not a hardware/resource issue.



Every so often I like to revisit this blog and review my previous posts. It seems crazy that I set this up 5 years ago yet I can recall vividly almost every post when I read it.

I think the aim this year has to be to post more than I did last year (4) and I think I am off to a good start, including this post I will have posted twice this year already, perhaps I had better pace myself.

My blogging activity forms quite a nice pyramid

2014 (1)
2013 (4)
2012 (8)
2011 (16)
2010 (43)
2009 (51)


Outlook 2010 - Finding a misfiled email

Every so often I get a phone about finding lost or misfiled emails. Normally the user has accidentally dragged the email to a folder and misfiled it.

Luckily the search facility in Outlook 2010 is pretty good.

Click on your Inbox and then into the "Search Inbox" field. The toolbar at the top of the screen should now display some search options, the default is to search "Current Folder", change this to "All Subfolders"

99% of the time this will find the email I am looking for. Sometimes the user will want to know what folder the email was misfiled in, simply double click on the email and then click on the File tab. Under the "Move to Folder" option it should display "Current Folder: "