Excel 2010 .xlsm File hangs when opening

I've been writing some VBA macros to improve an Excel workbooks functionality. I was modifying a Sub Routine and just in case I made a mistake and need to revert back to it I made a copy and appended _backup to its name. As it happens I decided I preferred the original way the sub routine worked so I restored it (deleted the original routine) and then renamed the _backup. Turns out I had accidentally copied the routine twice (VBA didn't warn me of this). Thinking everything was fine I saved and closed my workbook, when I came back to it a few hours later I was unable to open it, Excel 2010 just sat at 100% without allow me into the workbook.

I found a few suggestions online to fix this and none worked, so here's what I did to get mine working.

Change the extension of the file from .xlsm to .xls and then open the file. I got prompted that there was a file type mismatch (or something similar) and it also gave me a complication error, something along the lines of problem with sub routine. As soon as I saw the sub routine error I knew where my coding problem was, corrected it and then saved the file back as .xlsm.

I hope this helps someone out, had me in a panic for a few moments.

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