I've always been an avid gamer but over the years my group of gamer friends was whittled down; I’ve also found my time was more constrained. I fell out of the Warhammer scene and was lured to Magic the Gathering, the fantasy card world was so colourful and vivid. I still love to play MtG occasionally, I’ve flirted with MtGO but there’s nothing quite like owning and playing with physical cards, alas the Magic scene moves on far too quickly for me as a casual player to collect and stay competitive.

I’ve been watching a lot of TableTop recently, a YouTube show hosted by Wil Wheaton (that guy has actually grown on me a lot) My gaming curiosity was also recently perked when I attended a good friends birthday party where we played Cards Against Humanity what an evil little game that is, side splittingly funny but not something to play with your mum.  

So I’ve taken the plunge back into gaming, my collection at the moment is small, but I’m hoping to add to it overtime. I’ve been playing a lot of Ticket to RideEurope which is a game both my wife and I love. We’ve also purchased Tsuro, which is also fun and quick. We’re waiting to have some friends over so that we can play Betrayal at House on the Hill , but it looks like a real blast.

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