Ray Rice

Ravens nation is recoiling after seeing the video footage of Ray Rice assaulting his fiancé in an elevator in Atlantic City. It’s no surprises that the Ravens have quickly moved to released Ray Rice.

When news of the incident first broke I was very disappointed in Ray Rice, a model and upstanding player. When I heard that that he wasn’t going to be prosecuted by the law any further and had entered into counselling I was pleased for him. I am not condoning his actions but accept that people make mistakes and the only people who really matter in all of this is Ray Rice and his Wife (then fiancé) those two people are the only ones who truly know what went on that day we can all look at that isolated video (which taken on its own is brutal and disgusting) but what lead up to it, did that all escalate within 2 minutes? Looking at the video Ray is clearly at fault and is clearly the aggravator.

While I was shocked and wanted to distance myself (and my team) from this kind of violence I appreciated that level heads needed to be kept, the player and the team would come under immense scrutiny, but we need to stand by this young man and give him the opportunity to right his wrongs.

The problem is it’s very difficult to support someone when their version of events is so different from that which is presented in the video. How can you claim that she was the aggressor when you’ve spat at her twice? How can you claim that it was a drunken scuffle when the video evidence clearly shows you using excessive force to strike her?

I am deeply sadden that he has gone, but was the correct moral thing to do. Until that video surfaced Ray Rice had my full support.
Will the NFL ever see Ray Rice again?

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